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Service at 10 AM.

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IN-PERSON WORSHIP*: Come join us at the church, all services have resumed. Online with Facebook.

(Children's ministry is temporarily suspended)

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The Jews of Jesus' day believed that God had only chosen the Jewish nation to receive His mercy and salvation. However, God's word had told them to be a light to all nations and to bring them to worship God. (Isa 26:2; Psalm 22:27; Zech 2;11).............. LORD HELP US NOT TO STUMBLE IN THE WORK YOU HAVE GIVEN US TODAY! 

pastor Wayne. 

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This week at CCOC

Sunday: 9/26 Prayer, 9:00am Service 10:00am Acts 10:23-48. Church potluck and meeting

​​Worship at church or view on Facebook

Tuesday: 9/28 Music worship, prayer and Bible study; Genesis 47-48

Upcoming events

10/7, 10:00am Women's Bible Study at Esterline home.

10/16, 8:30am Men's breakfast at Pastor Wayne's home. 1 Timothy Ch. 6, RSVP

​9/24, 10am Lydia's Quilt at Bonnie's